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Banks and financial institutions in Canada

Banks and financial institutions in Canada It is important to open an account with a bank as soon as possible after you arrive in Canada. Banks and other financial institutions such as trust companies, caisses populaires (in Quebec and Ontario) and credit unions provide:

You have to choose your bank with care and consider certain things when choosing a bank or other financial institution. Ask these questions before you make your decision, such as your hours of operation and the location of your branches.

Health care in Canada

All Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for health insurance in Canada. Canada’s health insurance system is set up to respond to people’s need for health care rather than their ability to pay for it. Often referred to as medicare, the system is designed to make sure that all residents of Canada have reasonable access to health care from doctors and hospitals. (Ref. Immigration canada). You should start to look for these soon after you arrive. Depending on where you live, it could take several weeks or months to find a doctor or dentist for you and your family. Health care professionals are listed in the yellow pages of your telephone book under Physicians and Surgeons, or Dentists. If they are unable to take on additional patients, ask if can direct you to a doctor or dentist in your area who is accepting new patients.

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